Oh! Yes!

South America’s two biggest hits at the moment

Not gonna lie, I’m digging the Michel Telo jam.

Something about Peru feels special already

Something about Peru feels special already

Southeast Asia: Loves and Hates


  • Free tea with almost every meal
  • Children yelling hello and giving high-fives in the street
  • Sandals and shorts are appropriate everywhere
  • The conspicuous absence of police
  • The variety of fruit
  • $3 hostel beds in every city
  • $1 meals
  • "Same same but different"
  • Unashamed plagiarism of everything: movies, music, books, brands, storefronts, designer clothes, jewelry, etc. A Vietnamese friend put it perfectly when another girl copied my jack-o-lantern design: “Vietnam very good at copy.”
  • There’s always a motorbike around when you need one
  • People will sleep anywhere, at any time
  • Cows are community lawnmowers
  • No coins! (except Thailand)
  • Monks doing normal people stuff - using cell phones, riding bikes, surfing the Internet. Always funny.
  • No tipping!


  • Being hungry after every meal
  • Blatant dishonesty of the tourism industry - “yes yes, no problem my friend.”
  • Lonely Planet refusing to admit that some cities just plain suck. Beware of code words “charming” and “acquired taste,” which translate to “stay away.”
  • There’s always a motorbike around when you don’t need one
  • Hot girls are sometimes not girls. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “hot or not.”
  • Low regard for nature and preservation
  • Foreigners paying higher prices than locals
  • Service is terrible (see “no tipping”)

The only thing worse than trying to poo in a toilet with no seat, is then turning around to realize there’s no toilet paper.

Guess where I am?

If your first guess was Brazil, you spelled Brasil wrong.

Florianopolis to Rio

Florianopolis to Rio

Actual things Brazilians think

  • That God is Brazilian.

Fábio: Because we don’t have wars. Nobody attacks us and we attack nobody.

Me: And the extreme poverty, hunger and violence?

Fábio: Yeahhhh, but the whole world has that.

Me: Hmmm moving on…

(I know you’re reading this Fábio… no offense, I just find that hilarious! Besides, we all know God is an American.)

  • That a Brazilian invented flying.
  • That if a beer isn’t ice cold, it’s “hot.” I’m pretty sure there isn’t even a Portuguese word for ‘warm.’
  • That I look like a celebrity. So far I’ve heard I look like an actor from one of their TV shows (no pic provided unfortunately), Toby Maguire, and James Blunt.